Cdkey wow specialist, time card

1. In the interest of providing our valued customers with the fastest and smoothest delivery of their purchases while protecting them against payment fraud, we are proactively requesting that customers provide an E-mail confirmation on the CD-Key & Game Time Card Orders. After payment, Your Paypal mail box will receive an Order Confirmation Notice, please follow the directions and reply with confirmation asap, orelse the delivery will be delayed.

2. Once your order is approved, a delivery notice will be sent to your mailbox.

3. For CD-Key Products, only the key code will be provided via E-mail; No Client Package will be shipped!

4.In case of a fraud chargeback the following counter-measurements will be taken:a. The online game publisher will be notified to block the account and that the game card or CD-Key was stolen, this is possible since we still own the original game package. b. All collected information, such as Order History, Paypal Account Info, Address, Tel No. and IP will be submitted to Paypal and Cyber Policy .Internet fraud is a crime and will be persecuted as any other crime.

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